At Community Drumjam Foundation we believe that everyone deserves a second chance including the people who have strayed off track and find themselves in prisons and detention centers. The fact that re-integration into a normal life is so challenging makes it hard for these individuals to stay out of trouble. World over, a lot of constructive and positive changes have come about in the lives of these individuals when they are given purposeful and positive interventions such as what interactive rhythm and music sessions and drum circles bring to the fore.

The duration of these sessions depend on the specific needs of the group.

The number of participants can be 30 individuals and above.

For the duration of these programs, the foundation provides:

  • Drums and percussion instruments for the duration of the session.
  • Trained facilitators when possible

The organisation provides

  • Adequate open space
  • Armless chairs for the participants
  • Caregivers familiar to the participants (wherever needed)
  • In-house facilitators / practitioners with experience in dealing with the specific behavioral challenges of the participants
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