What We Do

We facilitate interactive rhythm and music based sessions for different populations of people like children, youth, adults, children at risk, adults at risk, elderly, recovering addicts, palliative care patients, patients with Parkinson’s & Dementia, for varying reasons and outcomes. Some of the outcomes are joy, self-expression, creativity, enhanced self-esteem & self–confidence, better emotional & mental health, better memory, concentration & alertness, harmonious co-existence in society, sharing, and so on.

Through our work, we also come across many people whose lives are impacted by sessions they have attended and want more. Some want to learn to become Facilitators and some others want to learn to play the Djembe and just come and drum with us.

Having seen the far-reaching positive effects for interactive rhythm based events on various populations of people, and being fully aware of the need for more individuals facilitating these sessions in a vast country such as India, the Community Drumjam Foundation trains people using the Village Music Circles techniques of facilitation so even more people are positively impacted by our work. We also run both free as well as paid Djembe Workshops for those who want to learn to play the instrument.

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