Who we are

Community Drumjam Foundation is an organisation founded on 23rd August 2017 by Roberto Narain and Vasundhara Das, partners at Drumjam. The foundation aims to bring the joys and benefits of interactive group drumming and in-the-moment music making, to both communities at large, as well as populations in need.

The need to build and to serve community through interactive rhythm and music sessions is at the heart of the purpose of Community Drumjam Foundation.

Our pillars:

  • Community
  • Service
  • Empowerment
  • Training

Our tools:

  • Rhythm
  • Music
  • Empathy
  • Understanding

And with this, we want to make the world around us better, one beat at a time.

Our History

Having trained for many years in Drum Circle Facilitation by Arthur Hull (the founder of the Modern Worldwide Drum Circle Movement), and after bringing sessions to more than half a million people since the inception of Drumjam, both Roberto and Vasundhara,along with their team, are of the firm belief that there is a lot more work to be done to bring these inclusive and experiential sessions, as well as its joys and benefits, to many more people.

With this intention at heart, and to enable more people to be part of these experiences, the Community Drumjam Foundation has been conceptionalised.

So far, the monthly Community Drumjam sessions initiated by Drumjam at the Rangoli Metro Art Center, Bangalore since 23rd June 2013 have been drawing people from all walks of life, from varying age groups and with ability levels. These sessions have touched the lives of hundreds of Bangaloreans, regardless of their social, linguistic, religious or economic background. People who have embraced Community Drumjam’s are – individuals, families, friends groups,physically challenged, visually impaired, deaf & mute, transgender individuals & individuals within the autism spectrum and their care-givers to name a few. We are well aware that the benefits of this activity can positively affect people with very specific needs.

Our Intent

Our Vision – To facilitate community building and community service through interactive rhythm and music sessions

Our Purpose – To enable various populations of people with varying ability levelsto experience joy, well-being, empowerment & a sense of community through interactive rhythm and music sessions.

Our Mission–To positively impact society using the power of interactive rhythm and music, one beat at a time.

Our Motto – The Rhythm Is In YOU!!!

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